In this sensitive state America is currently in with the deaths of Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin, and the chaos happening in Ferguson and Baltimore stemming from the buildup of anger from African American civilians and accusations of a failed justice system has caused racial aggravation amongst civilians and law enforcement to be in an all-time high, it only seems right for a character like Rafayel Blanco to fill a necessary void, having a Dominican back round raised by a light skin mother and a dark skin father seems to position him in an unbiased realm in turn allowing him to express his point of view in a critical fashion in this critical time in our lives here in the United States, but are we truly united? History has a way of repeating itself and music has a way of reaching people and causing an emotional in impact whether it is good or bad beyond people’s expectations. I don’t know about you, but I’m very interested to see and hear what will be discussed in this highly anticipated highly controversial “HYBRID” album.