RMONEY Music was formed in 2010 by Rafael Cordero aka “Rafayel Blanco” and C.J. (Charles Hubbard). Upon completing a mixed tape, titled “The Interview II”, Rafayel was approached by C.J. and they began writing together. C.J. supplied the guitar work and music foundations and Rafayel supplied the lyrical content.

RMONEY, Inc. was established.

Within a brief period and great efforts, Rafayel and C.J. crafted enough material to begin recording at a studio. Isaiah Demarco (from Daywalker Studios) was chosen to produce; he was chosen based on his advanced diverse skills and instant rapport with Rafayel and C.J.
Following few recording sessions RMONEY, Inc. was approached by Evan Roberts in order to discuss joint venture. The upshot that arose from the collaboration was exceptional! Evan’s frequent hook verses contributions were of amazing quality and only set RMONEY, Inc. music to a new level.

Tommie “Tools” Hicks Jr. mixed the album and Trace at Masterlab completed the mastering at KDS Studios.

RMONEY Music is set to release their debut soon!

A special thanks goes out to all the fans that support us!